40 Years Young

Welcome to NDG Senior Citizens’ Council

Since 1975, NDGSCC has brought together people who are concerned with providing a better quality of life for low income older residents of N.D.G. and Montreal West.

NDGSCC is to open to engaging all individuals to the extent of their abilities. Lives are transformed and people discover an infinite number of ways to give back. We are here for people in search of community and compassion.

Boomer cafe articleNDG’S Boomer Café Rejuvenates Montreal’s Elderly Community

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We address the impact of social and economic isolation in the following ways:

- Services & Programs

- Advocacy

- Joint Action

- Outreach

- Collective Action
NDGSCC works in collaboration with community partners to address the issue of access to health and social services. We have recently undertaken the mandate to develop a comprehensive approach to this issue for the community as a whole but with a particular focus on the English speaking population. A 2nd Community Health Forum is planned for 2019.

- Knowledge-Sharing
NDGSCC shares its ‘expertise’ through involvement in research and presentation in academic , government and professional settings. We are frequently contacted by the media to comment on issues affecting the older population, such as treatment in long-term care, facilities standards in residential settings, the place of seniors in society today, supporting seniors at risk of cognitive loss and the impact of heat waves.

- Community Development
NDGSCC is connected to a wider network of organizations at various levels, ensuring the vitality and relevance of the organization as a whole.
At the local level NDGSCC works with the NDG Community Council as both an organization represented on the board of directors and a member of the Strategic Plan Coordination Committee.
NDGSCC has advocated for Age-Friendly Cities since 2016. In 2017 NDG/CDN formally adopted the Age-Friendly Cities program. In 2018, NDGSCC collaborated with the Town of Montreal West in the process to determine the needs of the community as part of an initiative to acquire Age-Friendly City status.
NDGSCC lends its expertise and experience to numerous coalitions, tables and associations. We have recently expanded our role in the larger CIUSSS-CODM territory to highlight the needs of the English speaking community.